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  1. Sam says:


  2. BoringGuy123 says:

    Za1d3 are you still there? Nothing bad has happened? You alright?

  3. sirechelon says:

    Would there be a book 3?

  4. Darkhaert101 says:

    Hope your doing okay Za1d3!

  5. yazhmd says:

    I love this, i got so much hate from this community because i critiques this guy. Everyone yelling because they afraid this asshole would stop, well he stopped anyway. Not even a fucking announcement he went off the grid lmao. And the best part of it all his Patreon is still on. He has essentially released 4 chapter in 5 fucking months and you guys are still hopeful. he never gave a fuck. In the end he was some asshole who made an entertaining story that blew up on RR. and afterwords got cocky. Other authors embrace criticism, a lot on RR too, but not this cunt face. But you all defended him, and this is what all your pent up anger has shown. Its so great when shit blows up in other peoples faces

    • Saint Tea says:

      Wow u are a dick. I hope someone punch’s u in the face. Seriously. Even if he doesn’t continue this u still suck.

    • Njord says:

      Heh, Good on you Yazhmd I was hoping you would do somthing like this.

      • yazhmd says:

        thanks man, in the beginning i never meant harm or anything, i was just giving constructive criticism for the first time and people started twisting my words because they were afraid of anyone pissing this dude off. Im so satisfied. Anyway, wanna read a good book on RR were the author actually cares what you think, Spectral Regelia. after chapter 100 he really started listening and improving his quality because he took in the good and the bad. he at 155 or 154 now.

        • Anonymous says:

          still bitching and holding the grudge. Nice

        • minh216 says:

          LOL I love how petty and whinny you are. How sad must it be to continuously check on something you deem inferior to make sure that it stays that way. otherwise your fragile little ego wouldn’t be able to make it.

          I am sad that it is very likely the series won’t continue. However,I am happy that I found FG and enjoyed the journey together with Kaidus even if the journey is incomplete. Za1d3, if you still read comment, I thank you for the chapter and hopefully everything is ok. It’s a pity if you can’t continue but be proud that you made something a lot of people enjoy. Don’t let the cynics keep you down. πŸ™‚

        • Anonymous says:

          Have any other recommendations? Always looking for good fantasy stories.

        • Phillip says:

          Have any other recommendations? Always looking for good fantasy stories.

        • I still twitter at him Some times but it’s still a real Shame. He could just have left a note With ” sorry guys dropt it or haitus ”

          Still reerad his book three times.

          Hope you come Back Za1d3,

          Nice day all

        • zankanotachi says:

          Out of all the possible stories why would you recommend this crap? I mean yeah Spectral Regelia had a lot of potential but the author just completely ruined the story by creating the most irrational and inconsistent MC I have ever seen.

          • D4RKCH1LD says:

            YES. I loved the idea of his story at first but the grammar seems to be lacking and lately it just seems the story has blown up too much, if you know what I mean. And while I do love Avrin, the inconsistencies keep getting to me.

        • Daborbas says:

          I’ll be completely honest calling someone an ‘idiot’ while giving advice cannot be construed as constructive criticism moreover the author actually explained why they felt uncomfortable following your suggestion. Since you’ve also explicitly said you dislike this novel it makes no sense to me as to why you are still here. As the later when certain people questioned your intelligence due to a poorly quoted title, your indignation was rather unreasonable as per your sentiments insults and derogatory ‘opinions’ and just advice.

        • Franz says:

          I understand why you feel that way to the author. I really do.
          There was no update for these past months and he just became inactive but I think calling him an asshole is below the belt. Forgotten Conqueror is very good.. That means Zaid3, the author, is also very good, being able to write a story like this. So I think it is inappropriate to call him an asshole. Though we are disappointed and feel betrayed by him, we must still give him some Respect for writing this awesome, though still unfinished, story.

          As for your haters, you guys should also understand why yazhmd is acting like this. As a fellow reader.. I’m also a little angry at the author. It’s not that hard to visit the site and post a little status update so that the readers would know the authors circumstances. Yazhmd is correct about Responsibility.

          • Njord says:

            Yazhmd is not as angry at the author as he was at the forum warriors who said this would never happen. Many people said much worse than that to yazhmd just because he was friendly criticizing him on the authors upload time.

    • assholeauthor says:

      I’m with you

    • fighnjaci says:

      Seeing how he’s back and apologized for everything, I see this and laugh at how pathetic you are. So much hate because someone disappeared for, admittedly, a somewhat long time without a word. Stuff happens, people lose inspiration, private life interferes and so on. And you seem like just another kid who is hating on something because he has nothing better to do.
      Honestly, I have no idea why you hate the author so much so I won’t even try to understand you.
      I’m just happy I get to see more of this story.

      As for you, I do kindly hope you slither back into whatever god forsaken hole you came out of and don’t come back.

  6. Hope you good Za1d3 mis youre storry and style.

    Have a Nice day Za1d3 and hope you come Back.

    Nice day all

  7. Anonymous says:

    What happened to the chapters been a few months now ??

  8. ronnie says:

    u conquered our hearts with your writings…
    pls dont let that title be true…
    u wont be forgotten, i or we will always check for ur updates…

  9. HandOfMidas says:

    hey, i found your story cool but i hope the main character will end up having a wife and children.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You got an update or is this the end?

  11. Reck says:

    This is the end. It’s already been a few months..

  12. Hamelin says:

    This story was amazing. Too bad it looks like it has been dropped Q~Q

  13. kronos says:

    Maybe you guys could chill the fuck out and get a feed reader.

  14. Kevin Miller says:

    I love the series and have re-read it a couple times. Za1d3, if you’re reading this, thanks for the story. From what I can gather, a lot of people love the story, and when the story stops, a lot of love can become a lot of hate. I also saw you lost a family member, so I hope you are doing well, and that shit sucks. A writer has no obligations to write, especially since you do this in your free time, but I love the story, and hope you continue it. Thanks

  15. Anonymous says:

    I just binge read this and I love it. After reading some comments and the chapter release dates and now nothing in months I am truly heart broken. I know life happens and all but if it ends here then wow all I can say is this sucks. So much left to the story πŸ™

  16. Njord says:

    On a side note I found a theme song for Kaidus

  17. redleaf97 says:

    F5 sect going to died with no updates around

  18. ell3399 says:

    I Want Moooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    i miss this so much

  20. Anonymous says:

    It’s a damn shame though.

  21. Bsawk says:

    I really miss this story. I hope the author is alright.

  22. Weedisdaboss says:

    Hahaha yazfuck is so happy so what if the author quited, this was his hobby not his job and no author should ever listen to criticism if they believe their work, especialy not from a cunt face like you yazfuck!!

  23. wtfnovel says:

    no update

  24. happydemic says:

    Hiya guys,

    I am a student and fairly new to writing in my spare time.
    I must say that this is one of the best if not the best story I have ever read, taking it’s place among Coiling Dragon and the likes.
    I was really sad when I learned the author had dropped this, but I kept fantasizing and started to write a new chapter (book 3 prologue).

    I have made a wordpress site for this chapter, and hope you guys like it. If it’s well recieved, I am planning to continue it with weekly or half-weekly updates:

    I am not trying to live off his succes or get his fans, only to continue this masterpiece with a writing style and story I hope you will like as well. I am doing this for my own satisfaction, but am always open to criticism or corrections and would like to share the continuation I came up with with you guys. As I said, all credit for the characters, world and ideas goes to the original author.

    If anyone affiliated with the writer or the writer himself has an objection to me doing this, I will keep my fantasizing to myself and remove my whole blog.

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!

  25. Franz says:


  26. Niko says:

    Welcome back. We missed you!

  27. Maniac3020 says:

    Oh, good. I was really disappointed when you seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. This is one of my favorite webnovels, I’m glad to see it going again.

  28. WinterRED says:

    Would you look at that, look who’s back =) I’m not sure if I should crying in joy or cringing in apprehension though. Have 3 back to back finals starting tomorrow, but we all know what’s happening before the last minute cram!

    Either way, It’s good to have you back =) Odd that I didn’t notice the new chapters till now though. I’ve been checking almost every other day, but maybe it didn’t update on mobile or something Oo.

  29. Weedisdaboss says:

    WTF new chapters is this a dream?? πŸ™‚

  30. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your wonderful work. When I started to read it I was upset the slow pace of the story, but now that I’ve read everything up to the last published chapter, I am pleased with your decision. Greetings from Russia, and good luck in your work.

  31. Maniac3020 says:

    severely wrong with the currently state of Malpaars > current

    β€œYou shall be the first of my blades. Rise, Biran Vox Naingart.”

    Around them, the trees shook as the lost name was once more birthed into the world, uttered by its progenitor.

    This part sent chills down my spine.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been rereading and I’ve got to ask
    Am I the only one that wants to see Kaidus loss his shit on Vion.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I held on until the last moment *snifff* such a heartwarming scene to see the author returning

  34. shadowolf660 says:

    if I may ask if you have ever considered giving any of Kaidus’s siblings magic. Anise would be an amazing enchantress or Lance being a spellblade.
    I think it force Kaidus to choose once and for all is thoughts on Nobility. Would he put his hatred of titles to put his little brother or sister in a better position?

  35. maru says:

    well i’m going to read this from the start again! (don’t remember how many times i’ve reread this story)
    good to have you back Zaid3! :))

  36. silverkaidus says:

    Forgotten Conqueror is the only story that can match masterpieces like “I Shall Seal The Heavens”. The characters have depth, determination and variation. As opposed to other stories on Royalroadl, the readers are spared of cringe-worthy situations and shallow developments. In particular, the attention to detail is much appreciated. No praise can be lavish enough.

  37. SAMEER GAUR says:

    Nice story fit the title, good pace in the beginning of the novel but it declining because of slow pace. Sorry man if I offend you. One among the fanfic that have good pace from the start and slowly disappearing. I almost forgatten this fanfic truly lives up to its title.

  38. Arator says:

    No character entry for Zirus yet?! Slacker! πŸ˜› JK, keep up the great work. I’m so happy you’re back, just saw it today and I felt like Eastern, Xmas and my birthday happened on the same date because your story is so great! πŸ™‚ Don’t force yourself too much about keeping up the pace it, we don’t want you to have burn-out syndrome one day. πŸ˜‰

  39. Weedisdaboss says:

    Za1d3 hope your ok man πŸ™

  40. shuiko says:

    Checking everyday cause the dream will never die!!!!!!!!!!

  41. shuiko says:

    Still.. dreaming

  42. shuiko says:

    i think my tears are real now… its been so long.

  43. shuiko says:

    Monthly check in… qq the dream continues!!!!!!!

  44. shuiko says:

    the dream,,, continues..

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