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  1. Anonymous says:

    All good things must come to an end! I think this is it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    your work came to Argentina ‘re a genius just going for half the first book but is very good to you agredece your effort

  3. Tashi says:

    Is this it …. I want moar…..

  4. Penguino_Beano says:

    Can we get an estimate of around when the next chapter will be up?

  5. Benjamin Michael says:

    It would be nice if the readers could get a heads up if the chapters gonna be late. A quick comment is fine just so we know whats up and when the next chapters coming out. Love the novel btw πŸ™‚

    – A worried reader

    • Za1d3 says:

      Yea, sorry. Had other obligations, and couldn’t really log onto my site from wherever I was.

    • Jon says:

      Dude, not cool. He’s doing his best to keep up the posting schedule with his regular life. Chapters will eventually get released, so have some goddam patience. Also, he does provide updates for us, you just haven’t been paying attention.

      And to Mr. Author, Za1d3, my condolences for your loss. Thanks for writing again and providing new chapters for us readers. Much love for you and your work. Take care good sir.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Would you consider selling your book on amazon I would love to buy it if One is out let me know

  7. Anonymous says:

    You should make an Anime out of this πŸ˜‰

    • Joseph Babu says:

      that would be very difficult considering unless he get noticed by ppl in japan or anyone who is willing to animate, voice-act, and advertise it, he would have to animate/voice act/advertise him self or use money and hire ppl to do it

    • Darkhaert101 says:

      I think making a TV series out of this story would be more epic. So let us hope the right people in the industry will notice this story

  8. Hiji says:

    Sorry for the language, but this shit is Gold.

  9. jusinta says:

    Anyone else reading savage divinity on RR. A perfect example on how exaggerating people can be with “real”, “flawed” characters. Baffling, how people think tedium is character development. It feels like the author wrote the damn thing to spite stories with protagonists that stand out next to their peers.

  10. 19sama says:

    When is the new chapter coming out?
    I can’t wait anymore!!!
    Should i join F5 Sect in my waiting?

  11. Stan says:

    I miss the days when a chapter came out every day πŸ™
    Progress has slowed a lot in the past few months. I’m worried.

    • LOTD says:

      No one has any idea what’s going on. Last thing we heard was that a chapter would be coming out “in the next couple of days”, and that was back on the first of April.

      • Anonymous says:

        He is dead Jim. Good by guys I would like to say we had a good run but. Maybe it was just to good to be true…

      • Stan says:

        what are you talking about? The latest chapter came out on 4/10.

      • Darkhaert101 says:

        Well something must have happened which is keeping Za1d3 from giving updates. Let’s just hope it’s nothing serious and will get to hear from Za1d3 soon.

    • jusinta says:

      I think the fastest was weekly. Might have been daily when he first started for like 5 chapters.

  12. Rhakyr says:

    Did you die for real now? If yes someone pls go get a necromancer πŸ™

  13. Eror says:

    Forgotten Updates…
    Aw and I liked it.

  14. Darkhaert101 says:

    Hoping Za1d3 fine. Please update soon!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    R.I.P :'(

  16. One of the best novels I have ever read! Keep up the good work!

  17. Darkhaert101 says:

    Any updates?

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Anonymous says:

    Forgotten conqurer will become forgotten series at this rate…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Rate is quite constant, so it will be forgotten if rate becomes much slower .. although more chapters are always appreciated :-/

  21. Hiji says:

    Its only been 13 days though, at least I haven’t forgotten it

    • Stan says:

      Even so, chapters aren’t super long. Biweekly releases are really slow, compared to some of the others. Most active series have a release every 5-7 days. Savage divinity is insane with one every day.

      • ζœˆε„Ώ says:

        At 2 weeks a piece it’s actually bi-monthly. Ah but this is just me being nitpicky. Nothing to see here…

      • Njord says:

        Its what I have been saying most of them seem like there only apart of a chapter :/

      • yazhmd says:

        Even though he is taking his time, the chapters suck, for the past 10 chapters its been boring useless info that has no use in the future, this arc should have ended about now but it looks no where near finished

      • Darkhaert101 says:

        I understand that some are not satisfied about the rate of release of chapters about this story and others craving for this might be feeling a lot of frustrations. But I find it unfair comparing the release rate of one author with another.

        Others might be insane or crazy for they get to release one or more chapter per day but it does not imply every other author should be the same.

        And as far I remember Za1d3 never made any commitments. He did mentioned that he will try to post chapters as often as possible. But it doesn’t mean he is obligated to.

        Although I agree with others that it would be nice if we can get some words or news from Za1d3 regarding the status of the story.

        • Za1d3 says:

          Thanks for understanding, and sorry for the silence.
          Perhaps I’ll start a twitter account as μ΄ˆν˜„μ„œ had suggested. Not big or into social media, but we’ll see.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think the real problem is he doesnt tell us. It use to be weekly then he took an extremely long break (twice or so what he said he would) and never tells us… hey this series will be biweekly monthly etc.

    • Introspection says:

      In either case, I don’t think the quality has dropped. And quality>quantity.

      • yazhmd says:

        Your comment missed the whole fucking point, the guy is talking about communication. no one brought up quality, and yes quantity does matter, no fucking person is going to wait for a monthly release, ppl get disinterested real quick.

        • tihsdmhzay says:

          Are you paying for the releases? This is a fan series where authors have 0 commitment to write. You should be happy even if you have wait much longer. At least, we know that it isn’t dropped.

          • yazhmd says:

            He has a patreon and takes donations, the donations are what keep the releases, like twitch or youtube, the more you release the more money ppl will give you. Also how do you know i have never donated, stop, you don’t stfu your argument is that of a childs

            • yagsidmhzay says:

              Lol. based on your shitty attitude, it’s pretty obviously that you didn’t. Proof or stfu.

              If he doesn’t keep writing and get no donation, that’s his issue, not yours.

  23. Anonymous says:

    1. he does this on his spare time so it depends on RL events
    2. unless your one of his patreon contrib you dont pay anything so you dont get to criticize
    3. if you read any earlier posts he had a death in the family so let him get his shit together

    • yazhmd says:

      Well, its not on his free time, he had a scheduale of 1 a week. he said he needed a month off break, ok, but now its getting ridiculous

      • WinterRED says:

        Ridiculous? What’s ridiculous is how you seem to think that the author does nothing but write books. Your comments are unproductive and hardly persuade him to come back and write us some more great stuff. If you think you are the only one waiting for a release, you need to get off your high horse and get in line. Plenty of people visit this site daily to check for releases. Most of them are just patient enough to wait it out in silence.

        And about your whole “no one is going to wait for monthly releases”? People wait YEARS for novel releases. I daresay a few months for some quality work is hardly anything worth commenting about.

        • Za1d3 says:

          Thank you, and years indeed.
          Waited 6 years for SOIAF: A Dance with Dragons, and still waiting on the 6th book.

        • yazhmd says:

          As entertaining as this story is, the books that ppl wait for years for are masterpieces, like this is good, but if you are trying to compare it to Game of Thrones your dilisunal, also a Book is 300-400, some 800 (aka game of thrones) pages while a chapter of forgotten conqueror is about 3 pages in a week or 2, so thats about a book in 2 years or 4 depending on how long a chapter needs to be released.

          • WinterRED says:

            I think you’re missing the whole point. Why are you even trying to bring in mainstream best-sellers like GoT? You would indeed be delusion to compare FC to any published novel that has paid editors and publishers, but no one said anything about comparing the two. What I did say was that quality work is worth waiting for. Even if you disagree, you should at least respect the author and the effort he has put into this project.

            • yazhmd says:

              well you did compare it then go back on it…only to compare again, “quality work” we aint waiting for quality only a continuation

              • Gem says:

                Actually out in QUALITY work. How many of these stores have i read. That come out quickly but are so painful to eead, with their spelling errors and improper use of English? Too many to count. Unless your going to do it then sit down and shut up!

      • Za1d3 says:

        This is written only on my free time.
        As much as I’d love for this to be my job, I’ve seen very few people capable of making a living like this and, I am not so conceited as to count myself amongst them.

        I am grateful for all my patrons and supporters, but in the end, my real life situation and responsibilities come first.

        With that said, I just got back after a 15hr car drive, and I’m too tired and dont feel the need to explain myself, so I am going to reply to some others and take a much needed rest.

        • yazhmd says:

          No offense but your a bit of an idiot, you can absolutely make money off this but you choose not too, you could patreon has a thing called goals, your first goal could be – $150 guaranteed a chapter a week, $300 goal- extended chapters, $500 more art. Ppl will pay, the only reason they dont is because you dont set goals for ppl to look forward to. Have you seen patreon, a lot of shit is funded in for thousands of dollars on garbage that takes forever to finish in order to milk as much money out as possible.

          • yazhmd says:

            Also you are the #1 on RR, you have a shit ton of fans, have you seen the chinese translation groups in Novel translations subreddit, they get good money to translate shit while your making original story.

          • Za1d3 says:

            That is precisely why I don’t put goals like that. Because I know I cannot keep up a timely release all the time.

            Things happen out of my control and I am away from home for weeks at a time. Taking money for a promise that I cannot keep is not something I am willing to do to my fans.

            Yes there is money to be made, but i am not here to milk my readers. I am just writing a story and sharing it. If they want to donate and help support me for it, its up to them.

            • Molester_Man says:

              yo you doing all right? nothing bad irl?

            • yazhmd says:

              its not milking, people are allowing the continuation of entertainment, authors gotta eat, fucking published books make cash money on stories that arent that great, ex “catcher and the rye” completely garbage but makes a lot of money

              • WinterRED says:

                “Catcher and the Rye”. Tells me everything I need to know about you and the weight of your comments.

              • yazhmd says:

                Catcher and the Rye is a prized book used nationally, pretty much every american knows that book, so i have no idea what your BS “tells me everything i need to know” comment is talking about

              • Penguino_Beano says:

                The title of the book is “Catcher In the Rye” not and yahzmd. You don’t even know the title of the book so don’t diss it.

              • ManofGraham says:

                And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why aliens don’t talk to us.

      • Darkhaert101 says:

        @yazhmd you make it sound like writing or making story is a cinch. If you think it’s ridiculous would you be kind enough to demonstrate on how should it be done while considering the limitations, constraints and issues in dealing with REAL LIFE.

        If not please be reasonable and fair with the comments.

        • yazhmd says:

          @Darkhaert101, every writer has a deadline, i was only making the point that he can make money off of this in order to free up time such as a part time job, instead of sitting at a register he would write for money, like all authors do. Dealing with REAL LIFE doesnt mean shit when you have a job, just because life sucks you still have to go to work, which is my point, make this into a temp job instead of juggling work life and writing, make this apart of REAL LIFE.

          • Penguino_Beano says:

            Sure that might work, but what if he has a full time job? You’re assuming g that he has a bunch of part time jobs

          • Anonymous says:

            I’ve never seen someone bitch and moan so much about how bad they want chapters and at the same time bitch about how shitty the story is. If you don’t like it or how the author is posting, then it’s really simple to move on.
            The author doesn’t have to do this as a job if he doesn’t want to. If he wants to take 10 years to finish his story then that’s up to him.
            Also, unless you are paying him then you really have no room to tell him what to do or how to do it. He accepts donations but he also explicitly states that he writes in his free time so if you even by chance did pay- which I doubt- you donated knowing that he posts when he has time. So you still have no room to bitch.

            • yazhmd says:

              1. Never bitched and moaned, i again sayed i didnt like the last 10 chapters, that is all. So you have no room to bitch.
              2.The only anger that comes is the one where i click on the website everyday and i dont see a fucking status update at all, i wouldnt give to shits if he dropped the novel, at least tell us its been a month, its quite annoying. again you have no room to bitch.
              3. How do you know who donates, do you even donate, probably not. Please dont assume or use that as you comback when you yourself are a hypicrate. Once more you have no room to bitch.
              4. never bitched and moaned, just put ideas out there, never attacked anyone, but everyone seems to attack me. As if they want to look like they dont care that the author isnt updating even his status but have the tendency to vent it all on me, a random on the internet. You know what that makes you. A little sad whinny bitch. Now fuck off in your little sad lonely hole fuck boy.

              • Anonymous says:

                You say you haven’t bitched and moaned but every comment you make is doing just that. Everyone is fighting you because you are bitching about everything and replying to everyone.
                As I said in my comment, whether or not you donated still gives you no room to bitch because he explicitly states he posts when he wants. I never said anything about me donating or you donating, I said it doesn’t give you room to bitch. So stop bitching.
                You are still bitching about how you don’t like the story, whether or not it’s the last 10 chapters or the whole entire story, you’re still bitching.
                If you notice a theme of this and everyone else’s posts- you bitch about everything so please leave. Or you can reply and try and justify your bitching and use the “no you are” come back at me again. Lol

              • yazhmd says:

                i read you bitched, and stopped because holy shit you still talking a lot. No i didnt bitch i explained and gave viable opinions. What everyone on this site is doing is acting they dont care that he still hasnt said anything nor put out a chapter and are completly fine about it. When in reality you are all projecting. Like a teachers pet. Telling me to shut up and be good so master wont get angry and gift you with a chapter. The author can go jump off a cliff for all i care, he is a dick. A fucking asshole as a matter of fact. He has many fans and a lot of ppl are waiting, he can easily make a status update, but hasnt. The greatest authors give updates and say sorry. As late as JJ r Martin is on his books, he gives status updates and apologizes a bit too. also instead off giving me another essay pull out a “bitch and moan” that i posted

              • Za1d3 says:

                Wait a minute.
                I simply stated that I’ve been waiting years for SOIAF, and you went on about not comparing my work to a masterpiece like SOIAF.
                Yet now you are comparing my inactivity to George RR Martin? Please make up your mind.

                Also, I’ve been trying to be civil, taking your constant insults in stride, yet it seems to only empower your inability to do the same.
                I’ve said time and time again that I write when I can, and I post when I am done. And that if I was ever going to drop this, I would let everyone know otherwise don’t worry about it. But I guess you didn’t see those comments or notices.

                As for you, you’ve never posted a single word of thanks, yet here you are, entitled to know what I am doing? You call me a dick and an asshole because I choose to leave my hobby as a hobby, and keep it out of my private life? Last I checked, I’m not obligated to tell you or anyone anything.

                And lastly, no, I do not have 50k readers. Those numbers are inflated by people rereading. The actual number sits at around 15k to 20k. While that is still quite alot, it is not even half of what you’ve declared.

              • yazhmd says:

                Insults, i only stated opinions while others attacked me and i answered back, you where the main discussion so you probably going to be hit. I dont care wheather you have life or what not, that was never the point, the point was you could go on the website and post a status update at least once a week, saying how long you may need. Again, idgaf at this point, but if people are going to attack me im going to attack back. never did i say anything untrue. And no i didnt compare your book to GOT, i only used JRR martin as an example because he takes a long time to write his 1000 page books at the age of 70+, dont flatter yourself.

              • Joseph Babu says:

                w8 w8 everybody calm the fuck down! so in reply to yazhmd most recent comment(I really don’t know how to use this site, couldn’t find the reply button cuz I normally ignore this kind of bull shit but I have stepped in) I just have to say he does not have many fans based on the number of subscribers 508 ppl is not a lot of ppl. and stop giving him expectations of a professional. It’s like expecting a 3rd grader to do rocket science, it is just illogical. So remember everyone “Patience is a Virtue.”

              • yazhmd says:

                all his fans are at Royal Road, if you dont know the site, thats why your answering back, he is number one on the site and gets over 50k views per chapter

              • Joseph Babu says:

                oh…0.o well anuways y’all guys still need to chill like seriously how did this even become such a bog deal. it’s not like putting heat on the situation is going to increase the number of chapters released.

              • ManofGraham says:

                Jesus. And I thought I was lonely. Yazhmd, you must have had it rough as a kid to turn out like this.

              • DevonHorizon says:

                yazhmd , you should try to understand that the author is as much of a human being as you are and everyone have their own responsibilities . Maybe your only purpose in life is reading novels everyday but the author has had his own difficulties to get through.
                Just because you want something to happen the way you want doesn’t mean it should be that way. TBH you are not even worth his time . Remember , you’re ‘one in thousands’ but he’s the ‘one and only’.
                You want him to give notifications? who do you think you are?
                If he doesn’t what are you gonna do about it?
                You should learn to appreciate things as they come , especially when you’re on the receiving end.


  24. erriballon says:

    i agree with may 8 437 he’s not doing this as his job and he’s probably going through stuff so hush unless you contribute

  25. Lehur says:

    Author hiatus?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Why is yazhmd a stuck up bitch?

    • ore-sama says:

      the most frightening thing about him is his spelling and grammar..

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it mostly boils down to the fact that this…thing doesn’t seem to get the concept of “writing” and has only really been spoon fed shit from more “prolific” authors. And by “prolific” I mean “IBS-suffering”

    • Njord says:

      As someone who is spectating this from the side lines I have to step in now to put my two sense in. Yazhmd as rude as he has been has not directly insulted someone with the intention of hurting their feelings.. Now with that said I believe your comment is out of line. Going as far as calling someone “a Stuck up Bitch” for trying to push an idea for the betterment of everyone (whether that idea is right or wrong) puts you plainly in the wrong, and makes you look like the bitch. Not to mention you look cowardly insulting someone under the guise of being anonymous.

      This is a blog devoted to someone writing a story. Arguing here in such a way is just petty.

      • Njord says:

        and just to add something to that. I don’t see why you would get so worked up about someone else’s opinions anyway. You should really think about people in a more positive manner.

      • Gem says:

        I agree. We should all try to keep name calling and cursing out of it. Remember webby we’re here. We all clearly love this book. ( thank you for writing). So how about in sted of going off on each other because of the releases. Let’s talk About the book itself!

  27. jusinta says:

    Oh, how I wish you bury comments on this site!

  28. ztmkr says:

    Day X: No chapters have been put up, wonder if the author is okay?
    Day XX: Comments are getting snarky it all seems to be going downhill…
    Day XXX: The comment section REALLY seems to be going to shit, no rhyme or reason behind the hate.
    Day XXXX: All hope seems to be lost, Author doesn’t seem to have time to put in work for OUR own selfishness, comments have already gone to hell. Hope the author comes back…

    *The rest of the log appears to be covered in the salt of internet ragers*

    • Ahmed Amr says:

      i guess they need their forgottenenium…….”honey, where’s the Fuk’n syringe? Some people here are having withdrawal symptoms. Hope the author is ok and rested well for the greater good of the realm and what is beyond.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Za1d3, can you comment on when is the next release?

  30. Songbo says:

    Some people really got a lot of pent up frustration/anger. I would recommend seeking proffesional help. If you get angry after reading this you really need to go fast.

    • yazhmd says:

      everyone is pent up because there is no status update, like you can say “hey i have exams” or hey, “i got this”, he came, commented a bit, someone asked whats up, his answer, nothing.

  31. leonitus55 says:

    I always hate how there is always one person who thinks that he is so smart no matter where you go on the internet. I especially hate how that one negative or mean comment sticks out so much. Yahzmd thinks that the quality of the chapters, lately, have been lackluster but I am enjoying them greatly because the characters and events are developing instead of just, “Hey, here is the MC just fucking shit up!” The author is setting up characters and events to be used in later chapters. Za1d3 I love Forgotten Conqueror always look forward to reading it and ignore the haters because “Haters gonna hate.” BTW “catcher and the rye” seriously I lost my shit. The dude is trying to make comparisons and doesn’t even know the name of the book. LMFAOSHIDMTAFOMD (laughing my fucking ass of so hard I dropped my taco and fell off my donkey)

    • yazhmd says:

      i love how everyone on this site could only comment on the mistake of the book title when everyone here apparently knew what it was, i read that book in highschool and hated it, so much in fact, I COULD GIVE 2 FUCKS IF I GET THE NAME RIGHT. when you dont care for something you usually dont try to remember it, also you just stated that you hate me because of my OPINION OF RECENT CHAPTERS, never said the whole book but the last 10 chapters, because MY OPINION, is that it was stretched too far. But why do you care all you like to talk about is the title of a terrible fucking book but forget that you literally just made a opinion on me and my thoughts, while criticizing me for having an OPINION. You sir are one idiot hypocrite. also the grammar thing, its the fucking internet not a college essay, seriously i get worked up about content and you make fun of me but you are literally getting worked up on spelling and grammar in the comment section, i mean how sad is that bruh.

      • how many burns are delivering too people? your starting to become hotter than Egypt

      • leonitus55 says:

        Wait when did I get worked up about grammar? Is it because I am using grammar and punctuation correctly? I guess because I use grammar correctly I am immediately considered as being worked up. LMFAO Once again, I am cracking up Yazhmd. Thank you. This is hilarious! I use correct grammar because it is just the way I am used to and it helps make sure that people can understand what I am saying. I love how you say that I am an idiot hypocrite while your comment does the exact same thing mine did, express my opinion. But once again everyone, “Haters gonna hate.” I would have taken my own advice and ignored him but I realized I did say, indirectly, that I hate Yazhmd. Which is not true, let me clarify here. I don’t hate Yazhmd, I don’t really care about him at all. I do however, care about how mean comments or anything negative sticks out to people much more than positive things do. I wrote that comment mainly to encourage Za1d3 and tell him my opinion of recent chapters which is different from Yazhmd. Everyone on the site is pointing out the β€œcatcher and the rye” mistake largely because of the earlier comment quite rudely stating that the “the chapters suck.” Which immediately makes everyone who is a big fan not like you. The β€œcatcher and the rye” comment is also funny and gives others the sense that you don’t really know what you are talking about, so they wish to discredit you. Anyways Za1d3 love the story can’t wait for the next chapter.

        • yazhmd says:

          im to lazy to read all you BS, i read like 2 lines, you did get worked up on grammer and you continue too. i have a life im not going to proof check my shit on a pointless forum, you sad fuck

        • Njord says:

          this is really getting out of hand. Why some one would make a comment specifically targeting some one is beyond me. I already Addressed this once we have no right to target some one based on there opinions. I believe the quality of the chapters is about the same throughout the book its the Quantity that is in disrepair. Like, it seems that the Chapters he writes are to chopped up take the recent one for example He could have easily combined Chapter 47 and 46 into one chapter released it at the same time and the Quantity would be so greatly improved even if we had to wait the same amount of time for both of them.

          P.S. looking a it 44 and 45 would also go Really good together. I have noticed “pairs” of chapters all throughout the book, and combining these chapters into single chapters would greatly increase the quality for the reader. I think that this would be a worthy project for Zalds time

  32. Por says:

    -occasionally checks webpage for updates… first time scrolling down to comment to see what’s up… see angry people…. o-O… people need to chill; the author doesn’t owe us anything-

    First time commenting and I’ll just leave my thanks here >^_^*<

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m doing the same thing, just later. Yes there are a lot of angry people. And on that note, to the author, thank you for the chapters. I’ve had busy and not so busy points in my life too, so I completely get not having time for hobbys and it sucks. While I do hope you have more free time soon because I love the story, I also hope everything is going well and would like to just say thanks.

  33. Njord says:

    you know guys I think I figured out why the author is not writing.. He is probably a student neck deep in exams. which would explain the extended time out around this time of the year.

  34. Anonymous says:

    First time actually coming to this website and I already know “Yazhmd” is a bitch^ LMFAO.

  35. Anonymous says:

    While i agree that the author can take as much free time as he needs for his real life issues, with a following of nearly 51k average views, i would consider it the least he could do to release some kind of announcement informing his readers he wont be able to post new chapters for a while, i mean that’s just the least he could do for his readers.

  36. good to have you back,in the mean time i am waithing for a update i re-read it 3 more time just to good this story ^^,keep up the good work,oh and if you do make a book for amozon i will get them all ^^

  37. Lazybum says:

    Who knows… Maybe the author is in one of those writer’s bottleneck and isn’t waiting anything to not compromise the chapters quality.
    Ps: Love the story. The characters building is great and each chapter just leave me waiting for more to the point I start checking this site daily

  38. DeathBlue says:

    Hi! I wanted to ask a question… would you allow me to translate your story to Spanish? I really like it and I’m sure that others want to read it too but they don’t understand English . I know there is a page already translating it, but they have a long time without updating it. I will not take any of there translations but start anew if you allow me. Obviously the credit would be yours as the autor, i would only translate to spanish… I’m thankful that you took your time to read my comment. Have a good day!

  39. Remains says:

    ya no habrΓ‘ mas? πŸ™ Saludos de MΓ©xico

  40. diedonetw says:

    Step by step one can travel a thousand miles as long as one keeps going. Everyone here supports you(those who don’t have eyes but do not see mount Tai!!)! Don’t give up ~ . Sometimes we might complain that it goes slowly but it’s just a rant. Deep inside we do understand everyone has a life (aside some elders from the F5 sect?) . Take everything at your own pace and don’t pay attention the the ungrateful trolls.
    And last but not the least don’t forget to take care of yourself.

  41. OneTurnHero says:

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