B2: Table of Contents


Prologue – Those Who Live
Chapter 1 – Annual Arms Competition
Chapter 2 – Homecoming
Chapter 3 – Annual Arms Competition II
Chapter 4 – Awakening
Chapter 5 – Courage
Chapter 6 – The 13th Ward
Chapter 7 – The Silent One
Chapter 8 – Uninvited Guest
Chapter 9 – Unspoken Words
Chapter 10 – Foreign Land
Chapter 11 – Hunters and Hunted
Chapter 12 – Reconsideration
Chapter 13 – Lifetime of Regret
Chapter 14 – Nyzacus Mirror
Chapter 15 – Farewells

Chapter 16 – Secrets
Chapter 17 – Echoing Rage
Chapter 18 – The Unforgiving One
Chapter 19 – Hunter
Chapter 20 – The Tides of Change
Chapter 21 – Guardian
Chapter 22 – Hidden Daggers
Chapter 23 – Aristolk
Chapter 24 – Uneventful Voyage
Chapter 25 – Malpaars
Chapter 26 – A Corrupted Land
Chapter 27 – Pestilence
Chapter 28 – A Corrupted Land II
Chapter 29 – Meeting of Five
Chapter 30 – Brotherhood

Chapter 31 – Esperen
Chapter 32 – Weapon of Compassion
Chapter 33 – Resolve
Chapter 34 – Price of a Life
Chapter 35 – Floating City Vilute
Chapter 36 – A Godless World
Chapter 37 – Despair
Chapter 38 – The Hands of Fate
Chapter 39 – Family Bonds
Chapter 40 – He Who Binds
Chapter 41 – Names
Chapter 42 – Heroes
Chapter 43 – Revenge
Chapter 44 – Maverus
Chapter 45 – Fool’s Errand

Chapter 46 – Frozen Cogs of Revolution
Chapter 47 – Blind Rivalry
Chapter 48 – Chains of Garnikul
Chapter 49 – Burdens
Chapter 50 – Advent of the Demon
Chapter 51 – Detour
Chapter 52 – Formless Azurite
Chapter 53 – Reunion of Fates
Chapter 54 – New Dawn
Chapter 55 – New Dawn II
Chapter 56 – Truth

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  1. sbag says:

    Missing this series hard right now….sobbing into my computer in the hopes that the tears will transfer to you and prompt you to write some more.

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    Rip this story

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    You motivated me to write my own story, House Cazador, even now I rewrite it after losing all my notes. Your story has given me what i needed to finally post and dedicate myself to writing my own. Please don’t abandon this one.

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    Please, just one new chapter…….

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    I get that this is more a hobby than an occupation, but ITN would be nice to have some kinda of update, just so we know it’s on the way. Thanks, love the story.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Such a good story… One of the best I’ve read. I hope you will be able to finish it! Best wishes

  7. sunny says:

    Da*n..what happened..this was a great write..I knew u had some family issues but pls dont keep us waiting.. Hardly 2 chapters this whole year..please pick urself up and start writing again..u r a great writer don’t let it go to waste…

  8. Pikachu says:

    Is the book on hold? Because it hasn’t been updated in a few months, so i just wanted to know.

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    a new chapter Please?

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    Hello, I’ve been waiting for more chapters of this interesting story, I hope they do not abandon it …. I’ll keep waiting

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    I love your stories! Long time reader, first time commenter always love your books. I read it like 9 times a year… hope your well and keep up the good work.

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    This is like, all my favourite and most like stories combined into one with an op mc that actually makes sense. I really hope that you don’t drop this story, I don’t know how many times I’ve wished to see and read another story similar to this one

  13. Nixien Queen says:

    Hello! Thank you for still updating this series even though you might not have the time for it. I think that this is an awesome book, everything about it is extremely interesting. I’m not a great judge of things but I say that your book is probably one of the best books I’ve read so far. Anyways. Just wanted say thanks. Bye!

  14. Steve says:

    Why do new chapters post on RR before posting on your own site?

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    Thank you for continuing this project. We are always hoping and always gonna be joyful to see a book that will have a completed set. Thank you and God speed!

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