Random things in FC to give you all an idea of what I envision.

Older version of Kaidus. (still in the works.)

Kaidus website 1

Twinswords: Kaidus’ swords
Given on his 9th birthday.

Kaidus' two swordsFlame Greatsword

Halux: Owner unknown
(GS Forged With Mage Fire)

Valirax: Owner unknown

Xeberite SwordEmbersurge

Eensurge: Owner Unknown


Hvaral (will finish eventually…)

Hvaral 3

Ferrent     Continent of Darsus


Mystiks Guild2

I’ll be drawing to add to this page whenever I’m free, so don’t expect much.



FC Cover By: Mekinar   @










Kaidus and Zirus, By: Seiami
(Thank you very much. I tried replying back to you, but kept getting an error. Please leave a way for me to contact you in the comments so I can give you my thanks.)








Kaidus By: MArchCO @

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  1. Xiare says:

    I find your dedication to the story you are writing amazing that you even added drawings of items to help your readers better visualize those ideas of yours. Anyways, I fell in love with this story of yours and I sincerely pray that you will finish it. With regards to your MC, I visualize him as someone who looks like Sephiroth from FFVII in his previous life and in his new life, a young Sephiroth look-a-like (actually its more like Denzel from FFVII) but with short black hair that turns white with mana infusion. I’m very much anticipating the finished drawing of the Kaidus that you envision.
    P.S. I wonder if you can actually add your story in this site ( Its a directory of sorts for novels, translations, amateur fictions, etc. that I happen to stumble upon a while ago.

    • Za1d3 says:

      lol. I’m just too broke to hire a professional artist for it.
      But thank you very much.

      I’ll take a look at the site when I have some free time, and see if i can.

  2. Nightmares says:

    Wow those pictures looks amazing.

  3. thomas says:

    Man, your dedication is impressive! These drawings are a great addition to FC.

  4. Wanr says:

    I see what u did there. That dragon(serpent?)

    • Za1d3 says:

      Wait, what?
      I dont know what I’ve gone and done this time. lol.

      • Luminous says:

        *a wild Za1d3 appears!*
        *Wild Za1d3 uses comment overwrite.*
        *Overwrite was successful.*

        Thanks lmao. That made a lot more sense than what I was thinking. XD


      • Wanr says:

        kekekeke. I will wait patiently :p

        • Wanr says:

          oh right i forgot to ask. Are u going to add world map one day? would be nice thing to have. But if u dont like world drawing u can always let Kaidus to sink continent or two.

          • Za1d3 says:

            I am, but the world map will have to wait until after I flesh the geography out some more in the story.

            On the other hand, I am thinking of giving a general outline of Ferrent and maybe the Paltos house (possibly even the whole of Darsus). Guess we’ll see.

            • Wanr says:

              Hm, Sounds fine to me. I believe Ferrent + Darsus would be enough for now. I Don’t think there is a need for Paltos house but of course if u have something planned for them, go for it. But Ferrent would be really nice.

  5. Anown says:

    Make his hair short. Please…..!

  6. boartank says:

    I like your works 🙂

  7. Irsimh says:

    The mystiks guild symbol reminds me of the Dar Brotherhood in The Elder Scrolls, even thought there’s not a lot of common points between them ^^’

  8. well I didn’t know you had an actual page past royal road… anyway I’m only posting cause I feel very compelled to mention how fucking stupid that handle point is on the sword. All realistic weapon designs don’t have points that are more like to injure the user then the opponent. Also I might be guessing a Drizzt reference here for the design. Your art is very good and if your gonna do his familiars I suggest a more elemental look something like this but more sinister

    also if you if your going for a more book like path try doing a family sketch
    well… i dunno what else to say you story is doing great but as an artist I just had to give a cent here before I go off to be a fool and read another book when I should have went to sleep hours ago…

  9. gloom says:

    how old are you author-san ? sorry no offense but the character design seems like something that come out from 2008 and less. if you know some anime like d.n angel kanon elfen lied maybe we were from the same generation.

    also you must be naruto fans since i see your drawing closely looks like kishimoto style.

  10. Mid Twenties, sure you have still A LOT of rooms for improvements. There is still corny moments like Kaidus showering affection for his sister and family, but i could handle it. Your writing style already matured enough, albeit some grammatical mistakes (which is not too important for me), but the character development and story are fascinating!

    I am convinced you can develop and finish this story well, and gained the legendary author status like any others (LMS, Coiling Dragon, MGA).

    Keep up the good work and thanks for creating such an awesome novel like this one. 😀

  11. FireFist22 says:

    Mystiks guild – That reminds me of Dark brotherhood (Skyrim)

  12. Kiwi says:

    For me Hasen was more like , but he looks ‘nice’ here too 🙂 i’m dreaming about some side story about Anise playing with him >.< this is soooo cute when she is trying to talk to him

  13. Mekinar says:

    Author-san I’m a graphics student and I absolutely love this series so if I did some drawings based on the above sketches, could I send them your way? If so how should I reach you?

    Basically what I’m saying is that when I have the time I would love to illustrate for you, free of charge of course! So if I could send some drawings to you, you could tell me what you think.

    • Za1d3 says:

      You can post a link in the comments of the ART section, or email the link to me at

      • Mekinar says:

        Cool thanks. I already made a start on a sort of ‘cover’ for book 1 with Hasen and Kaidus. Not sure how long it will take but should be done in the next week or so. I’ll send it over soon. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  14. Mekinar says:
    Dear Author-san,
    This is the finished product, not sure what you will think of it or whether you can use it for anything but its on my deviant art so if you wanted me to send you the png file by email I will be happy to do so. I can also add book 1 to the tittle if you would like.
    Keep up your awesome work!! I love it soooo much!

    • Za1d3 says:

      Thanks for the fan art. 😀
      It looks rough, but I can’t wait to see how you improve from here.
      on another note, have you posted on RRL’s art before? Because I swear I’ve seen similar drawings on there.
      And would it be alright if I added this to the ART page? I’ll make a fan art section for it.

      • Mekinar says:

        I have not posted on RRL, although I think I know which drawing you’re taking about. And yes I’m hoping to improve even if it’s little by little. Also, of course you can use my work in fact I would love to see a fan art section because other people have made great peices too.
        Keep well and glad to see the new chapter. 😀

  15. Thanks for the work, it’s a great read worth re-reading while we wait for updates.
    Thought I would show my appreciation visually:

  16. nishaven8 says:

    Will other swords come to the story later? I must say they look really good.

  17. redleaf97 says:

    waiting till you reach 100 chapter, before rereading it hehehe

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