Status Update.

Hello, Everyone.

I believe I owe you all an apology for vanishing into the ether without so much as a word, and for that, I am truly sorry. I will try to improve on this somehow.

As to my disappearance, I’d rather keep my personal life private and I hope you will all understand.

Then there’s the comments… wow. Some of you guys really went to town.
There was even one about me dying of aids. Not cool. >_>
How about we all just try and keep things civil around here?

That aside, via the suggestions of a few people, I have created a twitter ( and also went and added a Chatango chatbox.
Though I am not big into social media, I’ll try and update about the status of new chapters on there, or whenever I am off gallivanting off somewhere again and cannot post.

Thank you for your patience.

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39 Responses to Status Update.

  1. Reus says:


  2. sirjee says:

    Cool, thanks.

  3. Zehkar says:

    Great to hear from you, always had faith! And ignore the ranters they seem to view your story as a right they deserve rather than as the privilege they are lucky to enjoy that it is.

  4. Darkhaert101 says:

    Thanks… Good to hear from you..

  5. i have been waiting 😀
    glad you`re fine
    waiting for another chapter EVERYDAY 😀

  6. LOTD says:

    Life is never easy on us free-time writers. I know exactly how it feels.

  7. Hamish says:

    I am so glad you haven’t dropped this!

    • Za1d3 says:

      I will make an announcement if I ever do drop it, so don’t worry if its just silence.

      • welcome back.
        No, please don’t drop this. I do not mind (very) slow update, as long as you tell us before 🙂 . My wish is simple; please don’t drop this. It is too cruel to left us hanging T_T

  8. Mekinar says:

    Thank you, although I don’t think you need to apologise to us since you do not owe us anything, rather we should apologise to you for being so inconsiderate. Ignore the hate comments they’re not worth your time and people go around demanding chapters when they don’t realise how hard it is and how much dedication goes into each word. Proof reading over and over just to make sure it’s right. And there’s people who say the quality has declined or its too short. Well that’s not true at all I even think the capters have gotten longer and I enjoy every word. Even though I do not have the right, I would like to apologise to you on everyone’s behalf and I sincerly hope the comments section calms down.

    Thank you for all your work, we never deserved such a wonderful book for free, and I hope that writing will not become a chore to you because of people yelling at you to get it out. Thanks again. You do whatever you feel like whenever you want. I wish you well.

  9. Protoman_Starforce says:

    I be honest I learned how bad are aids from SAO

  10. Kaifoofs says:

    so no aids huh. i laughed so hard on your comment.

    So cancer it is? hows the chemo going

    • Kaifoofs says:

      also people saying you dont own the readers anything. fuck you.
      If you bring joy to people and are responsible to substain it or to end it completely. Not the halfway shit. I printed this shit conqueror on like 230 pages of paper so i can read it while on vacation (no electronics welcome club). Mother of learning was 600 pages but we.

      it hurts less to see everything deleted and to know certain.

      Also who stops you from publishing it on amazon. everything can be made into money. I buy these kind of novels constantly. And there are some damn good novels that are written by hobby writers sometimes even worse than these betas on royalroadl, believe me.

      • the idiot guy above this reply says:

        wow the saltiness on this one

      • jorva says:

        First things first, he doesn’t owe us anything, did he take your money or something? Besides you are the one who decided to read his novel it’s not like he forced you to do it and do you think writing a novel is easy?

      • Kortodo says:

        Court Jester Za1d3!

        The king commands you to keep entertaining him until he says he’s satisfied.

        We do not care that you do not have the motivation, or any ideas for new material.

        What the king wants, the king gets.

        If you can’t make his majesty happy in your life, you will make him happy in your death.

        Guards! Prepare the guillotine!

      • Za1d3 says:

        UH… thanks for your passionate words?
        Honestly tho, I’m getting mixed messages.
        So is it shit? Or do you actually like the story that you printed it out?

        Considering your first two post were troll posts, I’m not going to take this too seriously either.

  11. Weedisdaboss says:

    I hope you are fine Za1d3! Thanks for the status-update and don`t read the hater/troll post, you make them happy if you mention their posts :/

  12. WinterRED says:

    Thanks for the status update! Hope life is treating you well.

  13. Rosebud says:

    Only weaboos are trolling with hater coments, just block them

  14. zero says:

    thx for the update . wish everything will be better for you now !

  15. Seksai says:

    I missed you

  16. Glad to see you’re alive and kicking. Thanks for the update and can’t wait for the chapters to start up again :d

  17. erriballon says:

    thanks for the update. and we do appreciate all the work you do for us. you really spoil us. thx again,

  18. Saris says:

    Galavanting huh, ok,euron 🙂

  19. Bluehawk says:

    i hope chapter 48 will be out soon and I hope things get better for you.

  20. Kurai says:

    I really like this novel and hope you will never drop it. cause there is nothing worse you can do to your readers than cut the story at the middle….

    i am not talking about speed. take your time and go at your own pace… I really know that if want to write a nove it should be the way as if you want to create game … I working on the world at 4 to 5 years and it will take at least 10 more to finish.. but inbetween there are time you need breaktime cause you can not force the ideas (or plot incase of writing a novel) to come forward, this should be similar. well in my part i have to create a new world, races, their cultures, the language and many more things, and there are time you dont know how to write down the thing you have thought of….n

    i dont have many requierments but please finish this fantastic story at least some day…. if you need time …. (aka slow releases or breaks) you will get them/can take them…. we have patience… and can wait…

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