Prologue – Beginning’s End

‘Looks like… this is it…”

On a small hill, a lone, tired man knelt. As if praying for forgiveness, his knees together and his head down. Anyone would have thought him to be making a prayer to his gods or deity, if not for the scene around him.

Strewn about were dead bodies as far as the eyes could see. Like rich fertilizer generously applied, vast amounts of corpses laid in the morning sun. On closer inspection, even the hill he was kneeling on top of, was a small mountain of corpses.

The man was not kneeling because he was praying; he was kneeling because he was dying.
Up close, his face could be seen with cuts and bruises.
He was missing half his gauntlet on his left arm—all the way up to his elbow, and missing half his right hand—the pinky to the middle finger and most of the palm up to his wrist.
Where his tired left hand drooped, a small dagger had fallen and embedded itself into one of the corpses constituting the hill.
His right hand held a brilliantly shining beam of light that was embedded into the ground. Brilliant as the sword was, it did not radiate any light and would not illuminate anything.
The man had long fine silver hair that reflected the light of the sun, yet he donned armor that were as dark as night. Not a single speck of light could be seen reflecting off the armor. A third of his dark breastplate had shattered, and his torn up clothes underneath were visible. Behind him, a ragged blood red cape—filled with holes, scratches, and tears—could be seen fluttering without wind.

The man was dying. Six weapons were stabbed into him.
Three swords: one in the back right between the scapula severing his spinal cord, two in his chest puncturing his lung and heart. The swords made a triangular formation.
Three spears: one in his left leg severing the hamstring, another in his right thigh, and one from the back severing his lower vertebrate.

While the man knelt there waiting for the last vestige of life to leave him, warmth, deep sadness, and sorrow could be seen in his cold dying eyes.

As the morning sun rose and the first warm ray of the sun hit his face, ‘I am… sorry…’ were the last thoughts he had in his mind.
A single tear slowly emerged from his glazed eyes. Crawling down his cheek, it overcame the various cuts and scratches along the way to his prideful chin before finally falling away.

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18 Responses to Prologue – Beginning’s End

  1. TheFrostDude says:

    Interesting start, looking to see what happens next.
    Thanks for the prologue!

  2. starting this today, kerambitnosakki brought it to my attention.

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  4. luFFyXD says:

    Just starting to read this! I’ll point out anything that may need changing/editing 🙂 it’s just suggestions so you don’t really need to.

    “Strewn about were dead bodies as far as the eyes can see.” I think this should be past tense –> “as far as the eyes could see”.

    “yet he donned an armor that was as dark as night.” To me, armor here is plural, so I think it should be –> “yet he donned armor that were as dark as night.”

    This looks really interesting, reading the reviews of people made me come here ^^
    Thanks for translating !

    • this seems like its amazing, I’ve only read a couple chapters so far and your writing is generally pretty damn good.I agree with luffy about the second paragraph though everything else is in the past tense except ‘can’ it should be changed, as for the armor part im pretty sure its fine.

    • Za1d3 says:

      Thank you.
      Honestly did not see your edits until just now.

  5. Amare says:

    Thanks for the story! It’s totally awesome <3

  6. Adam says:

    EPIC, I love starting new novels, This is gonna be awesome. Thank you sooo much. Im so happy someone recommended me this novel.

  7. VingadorV says:

    thanks for the chapter, sounds like a very good story!

  8. alexandernigth says:

    So sorry but the chapter 1 of book 2??

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  10. GaiaLee says:

    “even the hill he was kneeling on top of; was a small mountain of corpses.” should be
    “even on the hill he was kneeling on top of was a small mountain of corpses.” (you should never separate your subject and predicate by a semicolon, or any other punctuation for that matter)

    “Where his tired left hand drooped, a small dagger had fallen and imbedded itself into one of the corpse elevating the hill” should be
    “one of the corpses (there are several corpses, right? also, this sentence causes confusion, as it could mean that the elevation of the hill is caused by the corpses, which doesn’t make sense; perhaps a better way to word it would be “into one of the corpses piled up on the hill”; unless of course this isn’t what you meant)

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